Hi, I'm Camille.

I'm passionate about designing and bulding programs and objects.

Recently I've been living in Brussels studiying Front and Back End mostly throught Udacity courses and Nanodegrees. You're welcome to come code and talk with me and others fellows at the Co-Learning meetup I organise every monday for OpenTechSchool. I you like StarWars (or React.js) you could like this. And if you're into MarioKart, I made Pantin64 which let you play it with any smartphone as a controller.

Previously I attended the École Boulle of Paris, graduating with a Diploma in Art and Craft, major in Cabinet Making. It got me addicted of design and fabrication and I became a host at Micro Factory to keep on realizing. I was fortunate to work for Arep with it's creative team as a Product and Graphic Designer.

Now I'm obssesed to grow pumpkins in the roof of the café I work in, driving my 3d printer more reliably and making Brussel a better place for cyclists. You also could bribe me with a full-bodied wine, some fresh fish or a purring cat.

Say me hi on Facebook, Twitter or drop me an email